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All White paper Presentations Press Releases and Brochures
Report of the 5th workshop on Microfluidic Standardisation
Microfluidics Vocabulary Version 5.0 May 2019
Guidelines for Electrical Interconnections to microfluidic devices version 1.0
Design Guidelines for Microfluidic Side Connect version 1.0
Design for Microfluidic Interfacing White Paper part 2 version 3.0
Design for Microfluidic Interfacing White Paper part 1 version 3
Standards for Microfluidics, update June 2017
Standards for Microfluidics, update June 2015
Interoperability of components May 2014, Henne van Heeren, MFmanufacturing project kick off meeting
Review of the microfluidic landscape, Henne van Heeren, MF4 Workshop California January 2013
Commercialisation of microfluidic based products, Henne van Heeren, Iran Nanoforum, October 2012
Recent Developments in Microfluidics Commercialization, Henne van Heeren, COMS, June 2012
Microsystems and the Food Industry – A New Roadmapping Approach, Patric Salomon, COMS, June 2012
MEMS – Current Markets and New Opportunities!?, Patric Salomon, COMS, June 2012
Update microfluidic standards, Henne van Heeren, May 2012
Microfluidics: technologies and opportunities, Henne van Heeren COMS, August 2011
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