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Supplychain support

enablingMNT assisted a medical diagnostic company in the set up of its production facility. Special attention was given to the issue of reliable and consistent production. The work included advising on production floor layout, subcontractor / second source selection and process control. The outcome of the work was a fully operational production facility for its disposable.

A microfluidic component supplier asked enablingMNT’s advise on it intended business expansion into other areas. We helped in the search for and identification of potential new business partners for their products. The work included advise on technology trends, identifying and listing of suitable new contacts. The advise enabled the company to reuse its existing infrastructure and production experience in other fields.

enablingMNT assisted a French company in the definition of their business space and the identification of potential business partners. We created a list of potential products/applications fitting to its core capabilities, discussed the created list with the companies and identified the most likely candidates. We created a list of specific potential business partners for the company with the contact names.