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enablingMNT Team

enablingMNT has offices in The Netherlands, Germany and the UK with an extensive network of associates and partners worldwide. Whether you need one-off advice, assistance with setting up a production line, a challenging reliability or test problem, impartial support to your business development programs or global marketing and promotional work, enablingMNT is available to assist you. We are also available and interested in joining your project teams and can in particular bring vast experience in the areas of project management, dissemination & training, roadmapping, and technical research through our participation in all European programs since ESPRIT3 in the 90’s to the recently launched Framework programs.

Henne van Heeren - The Netherlands

Henne runs the Dutch office of enablingMNT and is a specialist in production engineering, supply chain management and microfluidics. He has offered market research and manufacturing related services in the field of MNT since 2003. Henne has a chemistry degree from Utrecht University. His career steps included the responsibility for the transfer and industrialisation of the thin film magnetic heads technology from Philips Research to the Business Unit, wafer fab production management, and business development management. He is currently assisting several companies and other organisations in the area of MNT product industrialisation using his production expertise and extensive international network.

Contact: +31 65 49 54 621

Patric Salomon - Germany

Patric runs the German office of enablingMNT and is a specialist in marketing and commercialisation strategies. His company, initially incorporated as "4M2C PATRIC SALOMON GmbH" in 2002 and renamed "enablingMNT GmbH" in January 2013, has a focus on all aspects of marketing and strategy support for the MNT dependant industry. Patric has an engineering degree in microelectronics from Berlin Technical University. He was a project manager for the German national microsystems programme at VDI/VDE-IT and the editor of mstnews; he launched German operations for French MEMS provider MEMSCAP, and had been contracted to run operations of The NEXUS Microsystems Association (Switzerland) during 2008-09. In addition to reviewing/evaluating for the European Commission, he is currently working on exploitation strategies, publicity, and roadmapping of MNT research and also advising/supporting companies in marketing strategies and press relations.

Contact: +49 30 24357870

Prof. Andrew Richardson - United Kingdom

Andrew is the Director of the Centre for Microsystems Engineering at Lancaster University. He is a Reliability & Test expert with considerable experience of industry led collaborative projects in the Microelectronics and Microsystems field. Andrew recently led the EC FP6 Network of Excellence in Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture that brought together 24 organisations across Europe together with over 20 supporting companies. Andrew’s current focus is on applying his expertise to the field of Bio-Fluidics and Structural Health Monitoring. Within the enablingMNT Group, he is running the UK office and looking after training and engineering services.

Contact: +44 78877 48313

Martijn Reinhold - The Netherlands

Martijn is partner of enablingMNT and has over 20 years’ experience in organizing workshops and conferences, mostly in the area of new technologies, commercialization, valorisation and business to business meetings. Martijn has an extensive network in the Dutch scientific and industrial community of microsystems and nanotechnology. Martijn’s objective in organizing events is to ensure that the client and the participants can focus on the objectives of the meeting. All the organisatorial aspects of the workshop, hands-on training course or meeting are being taken care of.
Together with Henne van Heeren Martijn organized and developed five editions of the annual MicroNanoConference. This conference has grown into a unique event, bring industry and science together to discuss the latest developments in Micro- and Nanotechnology.

Contact: +31 61 22 97 914