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Services Across the Supply Chain for Micro & Nano Technologies

 The enablingMNT group provides support to new and established businesses in the Micro & Nano Technology (MNT) and System Integration sectors where the uptake of MNT offers enhanced performance and market advantage. Its partners each have over 20 years of experience in business development, marketing, and technology related services delivered to both private and public sector customers. The group have maintained a leading position in the field through strong participation in European projects in the MNT and System Integration areas and collaboration with international support organisations including the Microfluidics Association, MinacNed, MEMS Industry Group, IVAM, etc. The enablingMNT partners have specific technical expertise in reliability & test engineering, design & process engineering and manufacturing. They offer technical consultancy and support in these key areas in addition to training courses in reliability & test engineering and the emerging areas of micro- fluidics, thin film processing, 3D integration technologies, packaging and structural health monitoring. Business Support is provided through a range of core competences including supply chain engineering, competitor analysis, networking and brokerage, marketing and promotional services in addition to business development training courses that can be customised to your organisation’s needs.

SERVICES offered (see links for details): Business Support & Commercialisation Roadmaps enablingMNT assesses and advises on business and funding opportunities and develops roadmaps for R&D, exploitation and commercialisation Marketing & Project Management enablingMNT can lead or support your marketing, handle your press releases and lead or contribute to project management activities Training enablingMNT offers training courses in design for test engineering for analogue, digital and sensor systems, project management and microfluidic technologies Engineering Services enablingMNT offers engineering support at the concept, design, or manufacturing stages of your product development cycle